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A knothead for a captain, a quiet navigator, an engineer with a short fuse, and a gunner at his wits end!

They have just one chance to save a small tramp freighter from certain doom...if they can save themselves first!

There have to be easier ways to make a living – easier than dying slowly in an obsolete gunboat, as its power drains out and life support fails. Forget the job; forget any pirate problems: there's only time for a desperate jury-rig, and maybe a little hand-wringing!

And anyway…what are the odds of running into trouble way out in the middle of nowhere?

Set in a distant future among the stars, this series introduces us to Ejoq Dosantos, professional gunner for corporate and privately-owned armed merchant ships.

Pirates, venal business interests, and interstellar intrigue abound, but sometimes it seems like Ejoq (who might have a slight authority issue) is his own worst enemy!


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